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Hi Leeroy,

Regarding slash chords, I'm just trying to understand them. Is it true that the notes within the chord are the same but the extra note played is lower or the root. For example:

D/F# chord = A,D,F# as normal D chord plus the added F# on the low e-string. Now F# is already part of the D Chord, but it's added as the lower question is, is that generic across all slash chords. Does the base note have to be a part of the actual main chord. Or can it be different. Can you put any base note added to a normal chord and it would work...hope this makes sense. I'm just trying to understand the theory behind slash chords...thanks Rob

This guy on youtube explains it much better than I could.

Adding any bass note to any chord would not work, some bass notes would just be wrong to the chord you are playing, the bass note would have to sound ok with the chord, to work.

I hope this explains it well enough.


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