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do u no where i can look online to search A guitar i want to find out wen it was made and read up on it a little but i only have a name and serial number?

If you have the make or model of the guitar it should be reasonably easy to search, by typing the make & model into a search engine like Google.
Unfortunately if the guitar is a lesser known make, you may not find any info, or very little info.
If you know the year the guitar was made that may help, by typing in the year before the name & maybe the serial number as well, also try changing the words around to do different searches.

Let me know how you get on, btw - what is the name on the guitar ?

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I can answer questions on the USA made Fender Bullet 1981 to 1983. Also questions on vintage Fender Mustangs from 1964 onwards. If I do not know the answers, I will try my best to find out for you.


30 plus years as a semi pro guitar player in covers bands in the UK. I own a lot of USA Fender Bullets & several vintage Fender Mustangs. All my guitars are set up by myself & I have also completed some restoration work on some of the guitars.

Self taught from the age of 15 & play by ear. Educated by playing quite a few different styles of music with loads of musicians over the years.

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