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Sir what if i donot tune my guitar will i still be able to play it and  that why and when do we need to tune the guitar.

Hi Raja!

  Tuning is very important for the overall sound of the instruments, and yourself. Unfortunately, over time the strings will have more and more wear and will not be able to keep the same tension as when they were new. You will be able to play the guitar, but your playing will sound bad because the strings do not sound good together.

  As far as tuning goes, I tune usually before I start playing. After that, I only tune if I notice a string sounding way too sharp or flat. You won't have to tune as much if you have a Floyd Rose, or just don't use a whammy bar. The reason we tune is so that when you play notes together, you don't have a sour tone left behind. Imagine going up to a piano, and playing a white key and a black key that are right next to each other. It doesn't sound pleasant, right? It's the same with the guitar. When you and your other instrumentalists sound in tune together, it gives off a better impression of the group. If you're out of tune, it just doesn't sound good to the ears.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask!


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