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Hello dear expert . My name is Abhinav.I dream of being an international musical superstar ; a worldwide popular singer, and I have this dream everyday. Its burning inside me.Everyday I imagine myself with the grammy trophy with pride. My progress - 2 months back I bought a new acoustic granada guitar .I just completed my first year doing law in the university.I have law as my backup. But I want to accomplish my dream with all force, with all that it takes.
As soon as I bought my guitar, I wanted to learn how to play it well. I decided that instead of taking guitar lessons in person I'll learn it online because taking guitar lessons is expensive in my area.
I admit I am finding learning guitar online not easy. Please help me dear expert how to go about to pursue my dream and reach my goal .I do feel I have the power in my own hands . Please suggest me a better way to reach out to fulfill my dream.

Hi Abhinav!

   Your dream is not in vain and CAN be accomplished! It just takes a LOT of time and a LOT of work. I would like first just as a disclaimer that being a superstar is not an overnight process. Consider this really just a reality check. I'm not trying to smash your dreams, but merely alert you to what really happens in music.

  Honestly, I would use law as your primary to get you through playing. I would also invest in lessons in the instruments you perform with. Take John Petrucci, for example. He is MY personal idol and went to Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He reports to have played around 10 hours a day. So expect LOTS and LOTS of practice and playing before you can "make it". I have taken plenty of lessons both personally and on a college level and I still feel that I am not ready for the international life. You can take courses at a city college level for music, which will be cheaper (albeit not as personal) to learn faster. YouTube is a great way for some, but it seems to help better when you have someone to mentor and teach.

  You mentioned that you want to do "all that it takes" to accomplish your dream, but lessons are expensive. It almost sounds like you aren't ready to do "all that it takes" to do this. It takes a LOT of time and effort, so get some lessons, keep playing, and start playing with others when you're ready. For right now, that's all you can do. Good luck!!


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