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I know it's not a fender, but it is a vintage classical guitar, I found it in an old antique shop and loved the sound!  It's a beautiful piece!  I just can't find any info on it at all.

It has an old paper label inside reading Gagliano.  And an HV signed in pencil.

It is an acoustic guitar.  I'd love if you knew anything about this guitar as I have searched and can't find anything.  

Thanks so much!

Hi Danielle, this is outside my area of expertise, but interesting none the less.

I can't find much info either, probably the same stuff as you found.

It looks like Gagliano is a brand name of Hopf & made in Germany, these German parlour guitars usually have the Hopf logo on the guitar as well, most from the early to mid 1960's.

I also found this page - this leans more towards jazz type arch top instruments & suggests that Gagliano was of italian origin, which makes sense ref the name.

The guitars seem to be of varying quality & from the info you have, I would hazard a guess that is is the German Hopf type classical acoustic guitar that you have. I am unable to state a value, even a rough one, but would suggest searching completed listings on ebay & searching other sale & auction sites to get some idea of value & possibly more info.

I hope this helps, please get back to me if you find out anything else.

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