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I just got a 60's or 70's tempo from an estate sale. for me it is very cool and a lot of fun. I'm not familiar with them so I was wondering if you had ran across any of these. it has a unique shape, 3 single coils in a three way switch. also a unique looking light switch! I haven't broke it open yet to clean the pot and look at it but I find it fascinating. if you have any information about this guitar I would appreciate knowing what you know. thank you, Ken
PS if you have received anything else from me on this subject I did not think it went through the first time! DRB am i three

Hi Ken, apologies for the delay, I have been a bit busy lately.

As far as I am aware Tempo was a brand name of the "Merson" company, they were an importer & distributor of musical instruments etc from Japan & Asia into the US & UK. The first "tempo"guitar was an acoustic guitar introduced in 1948.
Information is sketchy concerning the brand,some say that Tempo electric guitars were introduced in the 60's some say it was later in the early 70's. Your guitar looks to be a "Burns" copy, either way they are cheap copies of better instruments but are fairly rare, as the Merson/Unicord group  broke up around 1975 & stopped the Tempo range.

I have no info as to what the guitar is worth, but there are many collectors out there that are really into this type of guitar, along with the early guitars that had names like kay, Teisco & all the offshoots - Silvertone, Jedson etc & some of these are actually being reproduced by some companies.

There will definitely be someone out there that collects these guitars.

I hope this helps & would definitely be interested in any info that you find, please pass anything back to me.  

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