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Hi, I picked up the acoustic guitar a few months ago, though I haven't gotten a ton of practice in in that time. I don't have an instructor since I don't plan on becoming some kind of incredible guitarist, but I would like to get to be pretty good at it. I have a large background in music, particularly in keyboard, so I am familiar with chords and other technical things. The problem is, I'm not quite sure *what* to practice. I'm getting a little tired of just learning the chords to songs, since I can usually learn the chord progressions in an hour or so and then it just gets tedious. I want to learn to play faster, more rhythm/lead guitar type stuff. I'm just not sure what to practice, and kind of *how* to practice. I hope this question made sense to you, and thank you in advance for answering.


Thanks for your question.

This is a subject I get asked about a lot, and I've done a couple of tutorials about elsewhere, so I'll point you towards those to look at...

Having a good foundation knowledge of music will stand you in good stead, however don't rule out spendign some time with an instructor.  Each instrument has its own nuances and there may be things that you can do an a guitar which you aren't aware of, or the technique is a bit hard to master and it'd help to have someone show you a few tricks to get your fingers around it.

Most importantly though - have fun!


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