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Hello Frank,

       One thing (out of many) I've been struggling with trying to pick up guitar is how I should approach learning a song.

       After getting the tabs or whatever and starting off, as one might expect things are very difficult in the beginning.
         As I begin to make progress however I'm always unsure how to continue with the song e.g. should I be playing at a snails pace to start and slowly get faster or try to keep up with the song so I'm used to playing it more fluidly from the beginning? Should I try and work on tiny bits of the song at a time so they are without mistakes or try to learn the whole song and improve it as I go?  
      Any insight you could provide would be much appreciated.

Hi Matt!

 I apologize for the delay.  Apparently I'm not the only Expert not receiving the initial question e-mail when asked for help.  I will be e-mailing AllExperts to let them know so you guys aren't waiting forever for answers. I really appreciate your patience.

 When I learn a song from scratch, I normally first just browse the chords to get an idea of what I'm dealing with.  I will probably play (or strum) the initial chords at a slow pace so that I get a fluidity of motion from one chord to the next.  Afterward, I'll take the solo part (or any part that requires individual note parts) and play them against a metronome to make sure that every note gets its due time, and move slowly faster, about 8 bpm with every couple of complete CLEAN (keyword, there!) completion of the section.

 So you really nailed both parts that I do, and I feel that it helps with songs that are easier, and some that are more difficult.  Take your time, don't injure yourself, and most of all HAVE FUN!

Good Luck!


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