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Hello Dave
I am an adult beginner and know exactly which chords I need to learn first. It is very difficult learning to form the shapes of each chord although I plan to learn them one at a time. To build a good chord vocabulary I will have to learn quite a few chords.

Does learning to form NEW chords normally get easier over time and progression or is each chord going to take as much work to learn as with the first chord I learn?

Example:if someone is an accomplished player and has to learn a new chord for a piece of music   Is that new chord usually as difficult to learn as when he/she was beginning or is it more normal for that new chord to be mush easier to play because of advancement in playing?

HI Chad,
Thanks for your question.
There are a couple of aspects to this.
In one respect it should get easier, as chords that you learn later may be based on, or have something in common with other chords that you already know and are proficient with playing.  For example, once you know how to play an F major barre chord (which people often struggle to get their fingers around at first) then an F7 barre chord should be relatively easy, as it is basically the F major shape but with one different note.
That said, as you progress and learn more chords, you may encounter some shapes which require you to arrange your fingers in positions which you aren't used to - for example if you start learning extended or altered chords.  Of course, by the time you've progressed to this stage, your fingers should generally be stronger and easier to control than they were as a beginner - so although learning such chords may be hard work, it won't be as hard as if you were trying to learn them as a complete novice.
Good luck!

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