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When you play really fast tunes (eg. tunes based on the Rhtyhm Changes) do you really play all the chords when comping?
Do you have tips on what to do when you comp on fast uptempo songs?
the saxophonist (melody) and drummer can play really fast cause they don't play all those chords. What should a guitarist do?

There are many ways to go about it. A common one is to simply relax and play what feels right, which could mean leaving some out, and if it's fast enough it could even mean flipping the timing upside down, where "upbeat" patterns would be played as "downbeat" as there wouldn't be any loss of momentum due to the tempo. Fit it within the context of the music and it should be fine. Also, balance things out, sometimes it's best to be less busy if others are more active. You will most likely have plenty of opportunities to pick up the pace and "fill in the blanks" in other sections of the music; it might require coordinating with the other musicians so that they can back off and let you pick things up. Check out recordings from any of the greats and listen to the individual parts and how they come together.

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