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Scott Cooper wrote at 2007-10-11 17:57:45
Harmony products, and Kay products usually can't even be precisely dated to a specific year, except by identifying the model from vintage catalogs... except for the fact that they would sometimes use old stock photos of last year's model in the catalogs. So while they are helpful, they are not 100%.

XS4EYES wrote at 2015-08-22 23:29:18
I worked in quality assurace/quality controll for over thirty+ years manufacturing everything from tobacco products to medical devices.

Companys use a date code to identify manufacturs, sub assemblys and as manufacturing tracking devices.

When a company recieves a complaint they want to be able to trace it's production. They want to know who manufactured the sub assemblys, the shift, line, and time of manufacture and how many units were produced in the lot.

It's my opion that the "F and S" stamped in Harmony guitars refers to the shift, ("F=First and S=Second")not fall and spring. The shift is usfull as a tracking device where as the fall and spring is all but usless.  

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