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lavino wrote at 2007-06-11 16:49:05
I have a A20 (which I think is the lowest model) which I traded in with a made in china Squier Affinity. Regardless of what the value (not like I will sell it), I think it is great deal for me.  I put it side by side compare to a about 4 diff < $300 classical including the yamaha C40, yamaha CG101 etc and it kicked them completely.  I notice that the saddle and nut are not cheap plastic too (it is either bone or ivory).  I can't tell if it is solid top.  Full rosewood body.  Most interesting thing is that I can feel the strongest resonance in this one compare to the yamaha guitars when playing the same classical guitar song on speakers from the same distance.  If you got something like that you know you got something special.  I ain't gonna sell this one for sure =)   

The neck is a bit thick but probably because I got used to the Godin Nylon Multiac which is another awesome brand of guitar but in a whole diff price range.

dave wrote at 2008-10-06 00:53:52
Hi I have a AD32 aspen it was a cheep guitar when new back in early 80s but I would not trade for any outher. it plays better then any high end guiter. it dont have the sound of the high end guitars, but it still has a nice ring to it the action is like no outher

Byron wrote at 2009-07-19 22:55:31
Just a note about Aspen, I own an AD-35 made in the mid 70s. It is brazillian Rosewood and it out performs my Martin D-28 and my Taylor Maple 610 ce

with that said a lot of those guitars are junk, but some are incredible. So if you got a good one, HOLD on to it!

ThommyBoy wrote at 2009-11-27 18:07:40
Hi, Thommy Boy here,

I just acquired an Aspen AD-35, inside has a foil like label that says


Ad-35         Made in Japan

It has a solid spruce top and 'hog back and sides, I am pretty sure the back and sides are solid also, all the grain matches up inside and out. Really loud guitar, and surprisingly light when you pick it up(another reason I think it is all solid construction). A dead ringer for a 1970s model Martin D-35. Definitely a keeper.

Jeff Foland wrote at 2013-07-22 13:12:58
I own an Aspen Rickenbacker 4001 copy, from the late 1970's.  Beautiful bass guitar, I still play regularly.  I've been told the earlier Aspen's were made in the Matsumoto-Japan plant (whose quality easily rivals/rivalled the big names.)  

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