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Dukester wrote at 2015-03-12 17:05:22
I have one of these that I bought new around 1995 from Lark In The Morning. The model is 625C CSB. The CSB stands for cherry sunburst, which is it and quite stunning. Inside it says Charvel/Jackson A Division of International Music Co, Ft. Worth, Texas. The body is purportedly made of mahogany if I recall with a spruce top. The neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. The bridge is teak. It has cream colored bindings and beautiful abalone inlays around the outer edge and sound hole. The tuning keys say 'Charvel' and are of excellent quality, very smooth and accurate. Even the shape of the headstock is very pleasing.  It has a built in piezo-electric transducer with 3-Band EQ (which broke). It is very comfortable. With a truss rod adjustment and slight lowering of the bridge it has an easy action and good intonation. Made in Korea which is good quality. I paid around $400 for it brand new, which included a nice hardshell case.

Acoustically it has a mellow tone. Rather delicate. It doesn't have a lot of punch or volume but it is sweet. Not very crisp in the treble but fairly balanced there. Played with 'touch' it can produce a nice sound and records well. The EQ did a lot to adjust the frequency response and while it still worked made it sound very good. I should look into replacing it.  

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