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ColdMeizer wrote at 2006-08-11 04:40:32
I also have a Global guitar that my grandfather used to own. it isn't worth much money wise but it means alot to me emotionally. I plan on using it as a starter guitar and keeping it until i die.  Did you not like your grandfather or something? id keep the guitar for sentimental value.

Anonymous wrote at 2009-03-07 20:04:37
I also have a Global brand guitar. According to my mom the guitar is about 31 years old (1978). My grandparents paid $40 for it. I've had some interests, but no takers. The best I got was $40 but they decided not to buy it anyways. I tried a pawn shop but they have their electric guitars priced for $150 and it seems no one is really buying them. They only offered $10. So I'm trying again, Hope my little story is helpful to any readers out there.

tracy wrote at 2010-06-04 21:19:33
i have had my global guitar since i was 4 years old and i am now 44.  it was given to me by my parents as a christmas present.  it survived many years of traveling in a gospel band.  i have upgraded to a fender 12 string but i still have my global and plan on keeping it until my dying days.

doomcore wrote at 2015-10-18 13:40:18
i have a global model 3006....and theres nothing cheap about has pearl and abalone inlays.....rosewood fretboard...floating bridge...truss rod...and binding all the way around....ive been looking for more info on it....all i know is these features dont come on a cheap guitar

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