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drew wrote at 2008-02-26 20:58:23
my name is andrew desrosiers. i designed the bladerunner in 1982 and manufactured it under the name crusader. the company name was david andrew guitars. we could not make enough of them to keep up with demand so we licensed it to guild guitars. it was doing well but fender bought guild and discontinued all of guilds electric guitar line

Bob wrote at 2008-06-18 02:40:33
The Blade Runner was designed by two guys from the Boston ares one of who handled some of Guild PR or photos or something. They had the real high, fat frets that are good for metal and were originally finished in white with day-glow pink, green, yellow and blue cutouts. There must have been other colors also because there were black decals for the white one and I also have some white decals as well. A note about there popularity; Joe Perry is playing an all black one in the Walk This Way video they did with Run DMC.

JOHN MCMULLEN wrote at 2009-04-29 02:54:06

Glenn wrote at 2010-05-11 22:54:10
I would love to talk with Andy as I own #8 that was created. I never play it, because I beleive it is quite valuable. Therefore...this guitar is museaum quality!

S wrote at 2010-07-02 14:02:19
I have one of these with no serial number. Looking for information related to what that might mean. Was told that it was THE original prototype when I purchased it in 1985 or so.

awahrlich wrote at 2011-02-23 13:23:34
I have just made my Guild Bladerunner X-100 Available for sale on ebay. I am asking 3,995 but will consider offers. Thanks for your Interest.

Bern dog wrote at 2013-12-12 01:09:32
The first two guitars off the assembly line hot pink and both were signed by everybody in the factory Andrew Desrosiers has one David Newell has

The second. The guy from Boston was Jay Oben which was the photographer for guild. These guitars were mad in a garage on Academy St., Cohoes, NY.

Tabetha wrote at 2014-12-03 01:46:12
My dad Andrew Desrosiers designed the first bladerunner.  I have the original at my house with all of the signatures of people on the project from Guild

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