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E Sutton wrote at 2013-09-01 02:46:26
As of 9/2013, sold average for any Standel/ Harptone acoustic is around $800, regardless of trim level.

Harptone made apx 300 acoustic/ electric guitars and bases in 11 different models for Standel in 1967/68. Harptone continued to produce the electric guitar for one year,(1969)under their logo.Harptone continued producing acoustics until they were sold in 1975.

Haprtone made a E6-NC and a E12-NC model for the Conn Guitar Co.100 6 and 100 12 strings were made with the Conn head stock. Current price sold is around $800. Only 1 E6-NC and 2 E12-NS's are known to exist.

Harptone also made a Supreme branded E6-N and E12-N model. Only 1 example of each are known to exist.

Harptone made some instruments in the early part of the 20th century, but the company's focus was Guitar cases. Haprtone never made a "budget-grade" instrument.

The Harptone guitars built in the 60's and 70's were priced at what would amount to around $1000 today. Build quality is high. Very similar to what Guild was building at the same time. All guitars were hand made.

Notes: Yamaki imported Harptones into Japan and did not build any. They did copy the design and head stock in 1976.

Paul Simon did not own or play one. He had a concert with the Dowop group "The Harptones".

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