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k_dub_ya wrote at 2008-01-17 19:26:24
I own a Guild D-25 and I have been trying to date it. According to "The Guild Guitar Book" (can be found on Google Books) the D-25 was introduced in 1968 with a mohogany top and flat back. The arch back was introduced in 1976. I have seen other references that say the arch back was introduced in 1974.

megan wrote at 2008-02-04 04:12:13
Guild series D were made before '79. In fact, Ryan Adams plays a 1974 D-25 (the one with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway sticker on it). It may not be highly collectible, but it definitely has its niche among those who appreciate its sound.

mmk wrote at 2008-08-20 03:42:25
I bought my Guild D25 brand new in 1973. Its still a great guitar. I haven't found anything new that can hold a candle to it for the going price of a used D25. I guess my personal taste must be entry level, but I swear it sounds just as good today as it did 35 years ago and twice as good as many of the entry level guitars one sees today.

Jan wrote at 2008-11-25 17:07:37
It must have been introduced in 1974 as I have an arched back D25 with a 1975 serial number, plus I bought it new in 1975 as well.

stanton wrote at 2009-04-21 22:02:54
I fear your sources are wrong as to the introduction date of the Guild d25.  I personally purchased my first Guild d25 in 1972

Michael wrote at 2009-05-16 15:55:28
Just for the record, I own a Guild D25, 90968, and bought it from a friend somewhere in the vincinity of 1972/1974....and he owned it for a couple of years prior to that (original label is intact).

Jakedaniel wrote at 2009-09-21 02:24:46
Hold on a second, that guitar might be a bit of a rarity.  When they started making d25s in the late 60s I think they were all mahongany (including top) and flat backed.  Starting in 73 they went to arch back.  Then in early 74 they went to spruce top.  For a few months they were making all mahogany (including top) archbacks during the transition.  My d25 is within 1000 of yours and is a transition guitar.  It's not priceless or anything but it is a bit of a rarity.  Check out for everything you ever wanted to know about Guild.

Kurt wrote at 2010-01-24 02:20:27
Hello to all vintage D-25 owners.  I too have a D-25 that I personally purchased new in 1974, with a serial number starting with 84.... that, according to my research, makes it a 1973 built guitar. Contrary to the reviewer, I can personally attest that he D-25 was made and sold back in 1973.  Looking at another source, it suggested the D-25 was produced back in the late 50's (flat back) and if not mistaken, in the late 70's the round back came on the scene.

Tomaji wrote at 2010-01-30 00:35:27
I have one of these gems and would not part with it and case for less than a grand probably. The market value may be a little below that perhaps, but not much is my guess. The mahogony top and arch back give this puppy and AMAZINGLY true and rich tone I have never heard on any Taylor, Martin or the like. The action is similar to a Gibson. Yours might not be an arch back, which is HUGE in giving the low end the incredible tone it has. Perfect for recording and live microphone performance.

Lew wrote at 2010-12-18 04:55:23
Actually, I remember buying my D25 in 1973, and the serial number in mine is 88279.  So Bill is a little off on the dates.

Liane wrote at 2011-02-11 02:54:29

I have to take issue with your statement that Guild D-25 was not introduced until 1979.  I purchased one new while I was in college, before 1975.  I paid $250 for it when it was new.  It is a beautiful instrument, and I still have it.  I would suggest that your sources have given you incorrect information.  Perhaps Guild changed its numbering schema in the late seventies, but my instrument is definitely a D-25, and I definitely purchased it well before 1975.

doubledlinn wrote at 2012-02-08 23:17:57
I'm the proud new owner of the Guild D25-mahogany guitar.  One week later & I'm very happy! It's beautiful condition and everything's in tact.  The action is a lil high compared to my Breedlove DMME, but it plays very nice compared to average guitars today. The sticker in the sounds hole reads S/N 67,*** which from my research dates to 1972. Inside the sound hole the name "Guild" is stamped on the wood on the parallel cross support and "D25" stamped on the wood inside the sounds hole where the neck attaches to the body.  Also, the S/N is stamped on the back of the headstock & open gear tuners.  Paid $440, Any thoughts?  

Dyann wrote at 2013-08-31 23:44:04
I purchased my Guild D25 in 1974 and I still have the original receipt - I paid $1200 for it.  Gorgeous instrument and they are selling for ridiculously low prices on E Bay.  I don't get it.  They should have increased in value.  One of the most under appreciated guitars out there.

john wrote at 2014-02-12 20:53:46
I have a '74 dm-25 special..As it says on the tag is one of the easiest to play and I think the quality is better than most guitars within the same price range of 550.00 in 09. Basically I chose it over new and used guitars

john wrote at 2014-02-12 20:54:50
I have a '74 dm-25 special..As it says on the tag is one of the easiest to play and I think the quality is better than most guitars within the same price range of 550.00 in 09. Basically I chose it over new and used guitars and it's all mahogany

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