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Guitar - General/What is the date of manufacture and value of this hohner guitar?


Steven wrote at 2009-10-11 01:23:50
I have had a number of "lower end" guitars over the years, Fender, Washburn and even Harmony Archtop, BUT I have never had a sweeter playing acoustic Hohner HG-07 that I bought used in 1976 for 50.00. Actually I miss that guitar, if yours is in good condition and if it plays like mine did I think you got a real steal.

barefootdesigns wrote at 2016-07-26 14:39:23
Addendum from a luthier who has owned several of the better Hohners.


While most of the old Japanese-made Hohners from the '70's have "semi-solid" tops at best, there were several high-end models with "hand made for Hohner" labels and vertical pearl logos on the headstock which were very well made--sporting solid-wood binding and marquetry, MOP and abalone inlays and deluxe machines.  The workmanship was excellent, the woods gorgeous, etc. They are quite rare.  These are all 6-string models--very durable and woody sounding.  I would stack them against a modern Martin or Taylor without a second thought:

HG-320 RW dreadnought; 3-piece back

HG-330 Jacaranda classical

HG-340 curly maple dreadnought

HG-360R RW dreadnought; D-shaped soundhole & drop shoulder

HG-360M flamed maple dreadnought; D-shaped soundhole & drop shoulder

HG-370 Jacaranda dreadnought; 3-piece back

All other models, both the lower numbers and the 700-series do not have solid spruce tops.  I checked this detailed information from a 1978 dealer's catalog.   

Perhaps this adds some clarity to the discussion; not all Hohners are dogs but the good ones ARE hard to find, as owners don't usually want to let go of them.

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