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canadave wrote at 2008-03-16 19:12:20
Hi I also own a Gibson style;CO Classic guitar...serial # 74440. Gibsons guitars Kalamazoo,Mich.

All the info you provided was very helpful but I have to add, I have a plain white rectangular label with black printing inside the sound hole. Please elaborate on this and estimate the year on it for me ....thankyou.

Ronnie Ricks wrote at 2012-12-28 19:49:32
As a former manager for the largest music store between Denver, CO and SLC, UT with a huge selection of classical guitars, and personally being a classical guitarist, I am somewhat of an expert on the subject.

All I wanted to add about the Gibson C-O Classic guitar is that any guitar being made of all-solid construction with a quality nitro-cellulose finish is currently retailing for at least $600.00. You can probably add another $100 or more if the guitar is made in USA or Europe. You might pick up one like the Orpheus Valley Fiesta FC used for $400 (a very nice guitar for the price).

I found a Gibson C-O Classic guitar selling on eBay in great shape for $440 plus shipping. IMO, even if these guitars are selling for about $500 now, that is a heck of a deal. You simply cannot buy a guitar of this nature on today's market for that kind of money.

I recently picked up a Gibson C-O guitar for free :) It will make an excellent student guitar for my son when he is old enough.  

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