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John wrote at 2009-08-15 03:14:43
These guitars were sold in the 70's and 80's by Sears Stores, originally selling for around 125.00. I also have one and cannot find any information with regard to who made them except for the inside label "Made in Korea"

frog wrote at 2013-12-26 01:56:29
I just got the same guitar for christmas the fg 8030  

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What kind of old guitar do I have? Is it valuable? How old is it? Where was it made? Is it worth repairing? Advice on buying new or used guitars, accessories, etc. [Note: While I can give some general info on approximate values of types of instruments, neither I nor anyone else can do an "appraisal" without actually seeing and handling the instrument] I have almost 40 years` experience as a player and afficianado. If I don`t have an answer myself, I can often refer people to other authoritative sources.

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