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Andre van Westreenen wrote at 2006-09-07 03:27:32
Hang on the Ragtime Special was made in the late 70's early 80's in Japan, I have a 460bk, wouldn't trade it for anything.

chucky wrote at 2007-02-06 13:29:46
Some notes to be added.

The Ibanez Ragtime Special R-640 SAV is made in limited numbers in Japan around 1981. Not to be confused with the later ragtime (not special) made in Korea.

The ragtime special has an "acoustical pickup", in fact an acoustical fence inside its half rounded sound hole (if it has not been taken out by one of the previous owners). This is for stopping the sound as soon as the strings stop trilling. This makes it nice for chords in Gipsy music and finger picking.

The guitar is not extremely loud. For on stage one could add a pick up.

The guitar has a balanced sound and is in use in several sound studios.

As for the prices, the guitar is sought after for specific guitar styles (jango/gipsy). A decent ragtime special recently sold over ebay (item 300052952091) for 700 US dollars in UK. In a shop you may expect to pay more.

John Dayman wrote at 2007-10-05 17:40:23
Re: Ibanez Ragtime Special R640 STV. My Ragtime Special dates from 1983, made in Japan, original price $464, inc. case (I have the original American receipt and case). I am curious to know what the various initials mean-STV, SAV etc. Not sure if top is solid or laminate - pretty guitar, clear tones, maybe not that rich,(compared to a Martin, but then what does!) Mine has the acoustic "sleeve" - I think it would sound better without it but it would probably mess up the sound hole if it was removed. Probably ideal for what it was intended for but  gypsy jazz/ragtime is a fairly specialised field, I would say - especially in the UK. I paid 325 for mine ( from a local dealer in 2003 - probably about right. Nice,comfortable neck and low action, with exceptional build quality, attention to detail etc. Bottom line is that it's Japanese, not a Martin,- 'nuff said, but then it's a fraction of the price!

Marc Mercer wrote at 2010-03-07 18:31:37
Wow, some really bad info here from a so-called expert. The Ragtime Special was produced from 1981 through 1983. Models included the R400, R460, R620 and R640, possibly others. Most of these were produced in the Hoshino, Japan factory.

Andrew wrote at 2013-05-09 20:35:43
This answer from above is complete garbage. The guitar is valued anywhere between $800-$1200 depending on its condition. This guitar was not meant for the general public and is very RARE.

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