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Ken wrote at 2006-09-25 05:50:13
Dan, Ross,

Herminio Salinas had a guitar shop/factory in Mexico City.

My dad bought a guitar from him in 1959 when we were there

on vacation. I've found very little info on Herminio on the

Internet. From what I remember my dad saying about him he

was a luthier of some renown and had letters of commendation

from Segovia and others  

abril wrote at 2007-01-16 03:11:29
Dan and Ross,

Browsing through the internet I found how you are interested in learning more about the guitar made by Herminio Salinas e Hijos. I am happy to say that he was my great grandfather. He made guitars in Mexico City from 1900 until his death in 1968. He made classical, flamenco, and requinto guitars. Herminio's son Mario Salinas kept the guitar buisness going well into the 1990's until his death in 1996. I hope this helps.

Marc S. Silber wrote at 2007-11-25 17:26:56
I also have a guitar made by HERMINIO SALINAS, and it is a very nice classical type guitar with paper label from TOLUCA, MEXICO.  I have dealt in older musical instruments since 1963, and I have also worked in Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico in the guitar trades since 1991, and never heard of this maker until last week.

this is a Spruce top with hand-made rosette, and Rosewood Back & Sides, EBony Fingerboard Model.

It is a smaller, Torres sized instrument.

I am available to answer questions about it.

thanks for your nice website and forum.

Marc S. Silber, Berkeley, California.

Arturo Hernández wrote at 2008-06-10 14:09:54
I bought a guitar requinto from herminio salinas in 1968 It was explendit , I met him in his house but i sell it , but recently I bougth a new guitar used an it was from herminio salinas it has magnificient saund.

Tom S. wrote at 2008-11-19 04:58:00
I jusy bought a guitar by this maker today in an antique shop in Albuquerque, NM.  The fancy label inside says:

Herminio Salinas e Hijos Luthiers Ano de 1967

Cerrada De Medellin - 15 Mexico, D.F.

This is a classical guitar of considerable quality.  The top is solid spruce with a simple circular rosette, the back and sides are solid mahogany with spruce purfling and a maple(?) neck.  The fingerboard is rosewood.  I can't wait to put a set of strings on it and see how it sounds.  The top is braced in the typical fan pattern and looks to be very well made indeed.


Tom S. wrote at 2008-11-19 16:56:08
I just acquired a guitar built by Herminio Salinas e Hijos dated 1967.  I am curious as to it's rarity, value and the history of this little known luthier.  The guitar I have has a solid spruce top, a Brazilizn rosewood fingerboard, a neck of ash or similar light colored wood and the back and sides are mahogany (I think).  The guitar has a simple multi ringed rosette and light wood (maple?) purfling.  Any information available about this maker and the guitars they produced woudl be much appreciated.


Tom S. Albuquerque, NM.

Guitar Girl wrote at 2008-12-07 19:01:55
I have a guitar that I bought as a young girl in Mexico City.  The label inside says Hermino Salinas e Hijos, Ano De 1966, Cerrada de Medellin-15 Mexico D.C. I might be interested in selling it.

Gerardo wrote at 2009-09-02 21:48:20
I have a friend that has a Hermino Salinas Guitar,

i don't remenber right now the year, but i know that is more older than all that was mention above

Donaldo Tam wrote at 2009-09-07 15:38:24
I am interested to buy a Hermino Salinas e Hijos Gutiar 1966, Guitar Girl how we can be in contact because i would like to buy yours

justmartha wrote at 2009-11-15 18:41:45
I have an Hermino Salinas e Hijos guitar - it might be the one that Tom S had, since my husband bought it in Albuquerque. Made in 1967. Not a fancy instrument, but I love the sound and the light weight. It's my baby now.

julian wrote at 2009-11-23 19:59:28
My name is Julian, i got a Mario Salinas guitar, it was made on 1991 and now i Know from Miss. Abril said, that they were made ´till 1996. Any further information about this splendid guitars please post it.

Ken wrote at 2009-12-17 17:31:48
Hi All, I thought I'd add a little more info about the 1956 Herminio Salinas guitar I inherited from my dad. The guitar has a mahogany neck with an ebony finger board and a rosewood bridge. I'm guessing the top is some type of spruce and the back and sides are walnut of some variety. At the tine it was the best sounding guitar I'd ever heard.

Tom S, I remember seeing a guitar similar to the one you described on a website of an antique store in Albuquerque, NM. As I recall they were asking somewhere in the neighborhood of $1100 for it. The label inside mine reads the same as yours except for the date.

The build quality and finish is pretty good for a guitar I suspect was built in small shop with mostly hand tools. The major weakness of the one I have is the poor intonation due to lack of precision of the fret placement. I have no idea how common this in guitars of this genre. I'm in the process of replacing the fretboard and a few other things. One thing to look for on all of these classical/flamenco type guitars is bridge problems. It's not uncommon for the bridge to become partially unglued, or worse, after a  number of years. This can cause a severe loss of tone quality and contribute to intonation problems. ie It won't play in tune.



Jon Caudle wrote at 2010-01-14 22:02:10
I own a Herminio Salinas guitar (same address)dated 1962, purchased new from my physician who had just returned from Mexico City.  It is a requento, excellent shape.  Fret board and bridge are ebony. Mahogany neck.  Walnut(?) sides and back. Maple front.  Case is about worn out though.  Have no idea what value would be.

         JON C.

luis wrote at 2010-04-27 04:16:59
I own 3 guitars made by Salinas Family I have one made by the father one made by the son and one made by the grand son, all are great guitars but Mario Salinas is superb sound and balance, as good of any famous luthier in the world, side by side with Herman Hausser, Ramirez, Contreras, Paulino Bernabe and more  

Abril wrote at 2010-06-07 06:10:50
Browsing through this website and reading the nice comments about the Salinas' guitars makes me feel proud to be a Salinas. I do not know what the guitars are worth now. All I know is that my great grandfather Herminio Salinas  was an excellent luthier in Mexico City. My grandfather Mario Salinas and his son(also excellent luthiers)kept the buisness going. The guitars were hand made and since they were made for professional guitar players they are of high quality. The ones that are marked Paracho are non-professional quality. These were made for beginning guitar learners. Those of you that own a Salinas guitar really do have quality instruments. If anyones has questions post them and I hopefully can shed in some light.  

neil wrote at 2010-09-16 17:23:55
I have an opportunity to purchase a Mariano Salinas guitar in near mint condition that was built in 1972 for $100.  Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar?

L. Guzman. wrote at 2010-11-07 18:24:52
I kind of knew of this maker while I was growing up in Mexico City. I was more familiar to other Luthiers living there at the time.My father owned a

very fine guitar made by Rafael Villafan and Is mine now,last Friday,I was buying strings in this hidden music shop here in Co Spgs and they had this jewel in the back room, I looked up but didn't say anything just as I was leaving and on my way out, I asked to the lady there is that guitar was for sale, She said" yeah, it has been here for two years and we have no takers",I asked her for how much she would like to let it go and she said $169, but the price would be negotiable.

I walked home with this Herminio Salinas for a 100 bucks! it turned out to be a great instrument

with tons of balance around the entire fretboard and with a very long lasting sustain,it is made with solid woods(german spruce with black walnut back and sides)so all those things you all hear about rosewood is nothing but a myth. This is a fantastic guitar made with humble materials and coming from a "third world" nation.

As I heard from somebody:"At the end, the guitars speak for themselves.  

Luis Guzman. wrote at 2010-11-08 16:13:53
I forgot to mention that this guitar was made in the year of 1963, so for a guitar with more than 45 years of use still in great shape.

It has a smaller scale(64.4mm)and a smaller body

more a la flamenco style but the sound is big,really big.

NCC wrote at 2011-09-03 19:04:47
I have enjoyed reading these entries about Don Herminio Salinas.

Don Herminio was the father-in-law of one of my (paternal) uncles, and in the late 50's I lived with Don Herminio and his wife while I attended summer school at UNAM.

The workshop was on the third floor of the home (at address listed above). I used to enjoy going into the workshop just smell the wood. One of Don Herminio's son, "Memo", known as "El Profe", was often on hand if someone was coming to buy a guitar - he was a trained as a classical guitarist and would demonstrate the qualities of the guitars by doing a mini-concert in the front room.

Thank you for helping me recall some  wonderful memories.


Abril - soy prima de las hermanas Castro

Luis Guzman. wrote at 2011-09-10 22:49:33
I just adding a correction to my comments about the Herminio Salinas I got here in Co Spgs, I mentioned that the string scale was 64.4mm and when I wanted to say that is 640.4mm,corrections made,everything else stands.

I got better tuners, the originals were extremely stiff!!

I have not re touched the finish although is almost gone,I believe that old guitars look better showing the wear and tear of age.

Bonifacio Dominguez wrote at 2013-10-23 17:42:20
I just bought a "Herminios Salinas & Hijos" guitar and I love the voice. You can listen to a song we just wrote and recorded using that guitar at The name of the song is "Vaquero".

juan manuel sandoval wrote at 2014-10-27 19:47:02
I am Juan Manuel Sandoval flamenco guitarist from San Antonio Texas. I purchased a Mario Salinas Flamenco guitar (similar to a Rmirez) in 1964 - at that time his shop was in Monterrey Mexico - later he moved to Mexico city. In 1987, I was playing Flamenco at "Gitanerias" in Mexico city and I purchased another Mario Salinas guitar at his shop in Mexico city.It is now October 2014 - I still have and play this guitar. It sounds like my 1968 Ramirez. Mario was a good friend, of excellent character.

Bill wrote at 2015-10-30 19:53:18
I bought a classical guitar from Hermenio Salinas in 1966.  I went to his house in Calle Medellin and took lessons from his son.  I still have the guitar and it has been rebuilt several times, but it still has a great sound.  It is great to see that other people are still playing his guitars.

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