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deman wrote at 2006-12-20 05:43:39
I own a vantage ghost its a copy of a 64 the paul and I can't say strongly enough how much I love this guitar, i've played gibson, fenders, ibanez prs and have not liked any as much as my vantage. would not trade it for the world. only paid 100.00 bucks for it and would not sell it for 1000.00 keep on rockin.

MArchabass wrote at 2007-04-07 06:15:33
I have a Korean made Vantage Bass and I still love it even after more than ten years of hard playing. For the price I paid for the ole girl she has been a bargain. Mostly retired from gigging now I use her mostly unplugged to write at home with.

mmannaxx wrote at 2007-07-10 20:40:51
Actually Vantage guitars from the Japan era of late 70s to mid 80s are highly regarded for their quality of construction and sound.  The VP series with either set necks or body through necks are the top of the line instruments and they usually have coil tap and phase switches for extra tone possibilities. They were very nice to look at as well with their natural finishes showing the grain of the wood.  New they probably cost about half what a Gibson would cost but their quality is arguably as high.

Chuck Spaulding wrote at 2007-12-22 15:00:55
I had a Tobacco Brown Vantage VLP Les Paul stolen from my garage in 1980.  It had a white emblem on case that read Vantage.  I will buy this guitar if it is for sale. It was purchased from Venemen Music in Springfield Va. in 1979.  These guitars were the best you could get under $400 bucks!

Xtreme987 wrote at 2008-06-27 01:32:00
I too have a Vantage Les-Paul (electric) copy. If your looking to improve sound either change the pickups or get a different guitar. I opted to change the pick-ups in mine to higher-quality fender ones which gives you less feedback and sounds way better to the ear. I use a digitech effects pedal for different sounds as well. I admit, it's not the best setup but it's decent enough for a hobbiest like myself. Hope this helps. :)

Ric Bellizzi wrote at 2008-11-17 05:14:36
The Vantage guitars were as well made or better than the American  counterparts. I should say Matsumoku guitars[Vantage,Electra. Aria,Westbury. I have a Vantage Avenger I bought for $60 that is as well made as anything Fender made in that time period. I stole it for that price and it is not worth a whole lot maybe twice what I paid for it . I recently sold a Gibson Supreme SG that was not as well made a $2200 guitar that was a real overpriced dog that was pretty that would not stay in tune.If you can buy one of these  Japanese Vantages cheap do so you wont be sorry.

frankt wrote at 2008-12-19 04:59:29

It is 3 years on that I have read your comments re Vantage guitars and can say you don't know Sh**.  I have had my VS 600R since late 70's and having played Strats, Rickies and SG'g I can honestly say it has never let me down 30 years on and is a gem to play as well as emulate any of the above mentioned and when played through my vintage 60watt RMS Australian valve amp craps all over your yankee stuff. Uncle Mat knew how to make guitars and we knew how to make amps and still do.

graeme s wrote at 2009-01-15 03:22:09
Stumbled on this doing a Vantage google. The 'expert' initial answer is pretty wrong, at least by my understanding. Vantage were made in Japan about 1979 to 1988 by Matsumoku only. Then in Korea, where the quality somewhat suffers. The Matsumoku ones are highly prized, good resale collector's 'sleepers'. They are now commanding $500 + and will continue to climb. I have a VS 695, which I would pit up against any guitar, anytime. This is not just subjective, it is is an analysis of its longevity, electronics, woods, build quality, and of course sound. Never missed a beat. Vantage were only seen as 'intermediate' at the time, mostly as MIJ was reverse snobbery at the time. Not so now, with the Chinese invasion. We now know what quality Matsumoku/MIJ generally was, in hindsight. Those in the know knew it at the time. That's why the same people dumped the overhyped 'big Americans' because the MIJ stuff was as good, at half the price.

Ziggy Plato wrote at 2009-04-23 05:56:26
I don't really have any info, but I do have the guitar. I got it used back in '85, so not sure exactly how old it is. I'm pretty sure everything is still original on it except I replaced one tuning peg. This guitar is much better quality than many Epiphones or other LP copies I've played, and has features I don't see on many lower priced models.

One is what some called a "phase switch" which I guess is like a coil tap to get a single coil sound out of it, which is very nice.

It also has nice mother of pearl trapezoid inlays on the fretboard instead of boring dots.

The pickups sound great. The neck is thin and quick.

As for the electronics, I may consider replacing some of them after all these years, but usually, every so often I just open it up and clean the pots and input with a good electronic cleaning spray and it's like new again.

It has served me well for nearly 25 years, and I have no plans to get rid of it. I just bought a Schecter (only other guitar I own besides an old Hofner bass and an old junker my brother gave me), but the Vantage is still my baby.

Thommi wrote at 2009-05-22 11:07:36
Dear Ken,

i play a Vantage Standard II Guitar, with two Humbucker and i didnīt find any infos too. Who can give me some information about this instrument?

Kind regards


Pablo wrote at 2010-02-26 15:02:34
I use a "modern" Vantage VG-405 (1997, according to internet) made in Korea. It replicates a Gibson SG. I changed the mics cause they squeal (actually they sound ok, but have no isolation). I LOVE  this guitar. Way better than Epiphone.

I have a sound sample of it with a gibson 57 mic on my web:

greetings from patagonia argentina!

george wrote at 2015-07-16 04:05:01
I have a Vantage LP black bolt in neck and a Ibanez Blazer woodgrain finish. Both from the early 80's and MIJ. They are great guitars. The Vantage has better and more reliable electrics. The vantage plays and sounds ace. Many would poo poo the Vantage for its bolt in neck, but I dont mind it at all. The guitar is solid and heavy, I wont sell it. The only guitars that I think are better for not too much more money, and what I rate as the best guitars ever made, are the awesome Peavey T60's!  

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