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carol king wrote at 2007-09-02 09:27:24
I own a guitar with Crown City Imports on the inside label, model #F 411. I bought it in 1973 or '74 at Meyer's Music Store in Seattle, Wa.(the same store that Jimi Hendrix bought his first guitar). I loved the look and the sound was beautiful, too. Was wondering what it is worth when I saw this question (and answer) Thanks, carol

Jay Burner wrote at 2013-07-07 10:08:44
In 2012 I bought a CCI guitar online for $400.00 W/TKL HSC from a music store in Colorado. I found out that it originally came from a pawn shop in Pasadena, Ca. called Crown City Pawn. Its a FW-620 Vine of Life on the neck, "penny" inlay on the head stock D-45. It sounded ok but I recently got the vintage Lawsuit Guitar bug and started getting into becoming a garage Luther so I changed the bridge piece with a sanded down TUSQ - that helped so I did the same with the nut but that was too tinny sounding so I replaced the original. I took the guitar to GC in Pas. and they happened to have a Martin D-45$7500.00 and a D-28 $3500.00. My CCI sounded better than both of them - I even had 2 of the sales staff try and they agreed -scratching their heads^!!! Although the guitar looked ok - I wanted to polish it. Wait, don't freak out- I used a popular auto polish and finished with Pledge ...It made it sound UNBELIEVABLE and I've been playing for 25yrs. If you can find a nice one - get it!

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What kind of old guitar do I have? Is it valuable? How old is it? Where was it made? Is it worth repairing? Advice on buying new or used guitars, accessories, etc. [Note: While I can give some general info on approximate values of types of instruments, neither I nor anyone else can do an "appraisal" without actually seeing and handling the instrument] I have almost 40 years` experience as a player and afficianado. If I don`t have an answer myself, I can often refer people to other authoritative sources.

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