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My ten year old daughter was given a peavey raptor plus  electric guitar for a gift this past Christmas.  Last week I noticed some plastic around the edges of the body peeling away from the guitar.  It was making the guitar look cheaper than it already was so I took the plastic off.  For some reason today she realized the plastic was gone and now I am in trouble for taking it off.  Is there any professional reason you could have that by taking off the already peeling "shrink wrap" would make the guitar function any less or sound any different?  Thanks for your help.


Hi, Paul.

I have a 16-year-old daughter who owns my heart and runs my non-working life and I would not have it any other way!

Please tell your daughter that the plastic that you remooved was there to protect the pickguard and was meant to be removed BEFORE the guitar was even used for the first time!

So, it looks better--shinier--without the protective plastic film, and it's meant to be used without it. The film affects tone and playability not one little bit.

Tell her to have fun and keep on playing.

--Paul Wilczynski

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