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Hey!!  I've been using Magnesium Oil (Magnesium Chloride) as a supplement by spraying it directly on my actually works great to increase your magnesium levels.  However when I use it it seems to leave this filmy almost sticky feeling on hands/fingers.  Even after I wash my hands, my fingers feel a little bit slick.  If the oil is not totally being washed off, is there a chance that it could be damaging the guitar wood or strings?  I'm a little paranoid about it...I appreciate the advice!!

You have won my award for the most esoteric question asked in the last few years!

Here's my take on it:

Since the magnesium can pass from outside the body to be absorbed through the skin barrier, I would think that any magnesium not absorbed and metabolized could also cross through the skin the other way.

Of course, on unfinished wood you would eventually see a darkening of the wood in the contact area. On finished wood, however, you should just check once in awhile that the oil is not having an adverse effect. This would show up as stickiness in the finish, which you can catch in time if you are observant.

In terms of an unfinished wood fretboard, if you see darkening from the oil on your fingertips, just wipe the entire fret board down with some Dr. Stringfellow's Lem-Oil, which should render all of the wood the same shade, and can be wiped and polished so it looks and smells good. Use a soft cotton cloth.


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