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What do you think of the ollowing two guiters for beginners: Ephiphone:AJ 100 & DR 100?

Hi Silvano_ here are a few things I found on both guitars....

the dr-100 has more booming bass sound, great for bluegrass
but the aj-500 has more mellow bass sounds
so its really what style you play. i would go to an epiphone dealer and play them both and see what you like better

Either would be great for a beginner. Only difference is size of the body. AJ is a jumbo, and generally creates a bit deeper tones. while the dreadnaught is a bit more springy. Depends on the genre of music you are playing.

Well both are reasonably low priced which is good for a beginner. The DR-100 got a better rating on Musicians Friend than the AJ-100 and is cheaper. On the other hand, The AJ-100 has the ability to be plugged into an amp.

Hope this helps you. I really have not tried either guitar.....


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