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uncle duke wrote at 2013-04-29 12:17:43
The thing to do with any of the bigger prosessors is this- find a factory preset clean sound (no distortion whatsoever) that has a delay and reverb already added to the preset clean sound. Next is to find the preamp section and choose a sound that will enhance the factory clean sound you started with. Now write everything down you have so far including the factory preset parameters of the clean sound you started with. Now delete the delay and reverb and enhance the preamp sound using parameters that are still on.  If it's no good, move to the main distortion/overdrive bank. You can shut off the preamp bank or leave it but turn all other parameter/banks off until you have a suitable sound to start with. When new base sound is found add the reverb and fine tune. Don't over do it. Fiddle with some other parameters to see what you get. When done add delay by starting low/soft/slow and adjust accordingly. You may have to lower/raise other values elsewhere but set your delay last. If you goof it up just unplug and start again using what you wrote earlier for starters. When sound is found make sure you save it for future use.  

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