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Guitar Music/Which music genre do you think is the most difficult to play? Which instrument is the most difficult to play?


Which music genre do you think is the most difficult to play? Which instrument is the most difficult to play?

Hi Kris.... sorry it's taking sometime to get back to you on your question.....

Which genre do I think is the most difficult to play??? Well, that is a hard question. It would depend on who your asking, because there is differences in all people who make music, so to each musician a certain type of music would be harder for one to play and easier for another. Personally, I think classical finger style music is the hardest for me....

You could imagine a person who has played the drums all their lives picking up a banjo and trying to learn would be a hard instrument for that person to play without study and practicing....and visa versa.... All instruments require study, practice and heart.... you have to really want to play that instrument to make it work...

If you are learning or playing an instrument right now and having a hard time with it....don't give up!

Keep music in your life.....


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