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Texas Browning Guy wrote at 2013-09-15 22:52:52
Don't bother with the Browning Collectors Association. They have morphed into a down right disgraceful organization. The 2013 Board of Officers election was full of BS. The "editor" sent out extra ballot envelopes to at least one member that they know of along with a note to the member of what to do with the stamped envelopes. It appears that a few on the board purposely threw the election. I have the documents to prove all of this. On top of that, two of the candidates biographies were re-written and published without the knowledge or consent of the candidates.

Another board member has now threatened anyone who discloses this information to Browning by "banning them" from the Browning Collectors Association. I received an e-mail from a Browning Collectors Association member with an attached pdf document showing the extra ballots and the note. The letterhead of the note had a Nazi swastika at the top addressed to "Tom" from "Rod". The membership hasn't been told about any of this.

The Browning Collectors Association won't receive anymore money from me until they explain themselves. I'm not sure who to ask, but I heard that the secretary of the Browning Collectors Association is one of the more honest and she is the one who inadvertently discovered the tainted election. I will probably call her to see what she says.  

lovemybrownings wrote at 2013-12-04 19:49:43
I would love to know what you find out from the secretary, could be an interesting annual meeting in April!  If this information is true, sounds like the membership should show up and ask some questions and demand some answers!  There is a thread on Shotgunworld that is similar to this, so I am guessing there is some truth to it.

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