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can you shoot 22lr in 22 mag cylinder ?

Thanks for inquiring with me. Short answer is NO. 22LR and 22WMR are not interchangeable cartridges like 38SPL and 357 Magnum.

Here's the differences in dimensions between the two:

.223 bullet diameter .224
.225 neck diameter   .240
.225 base diameter   .241
.275 rim diameter    .291
.040 rim thickness   .046
.590 case length     1.052
.985 total length    1.350

They don't seem like much but it is. You would see the differences more if you tried putting a 22WMR in a 22LR cylinder. It won't fit.

Some possible risks/dangers include: the 22LR bullet splits while inside the barrel. You said 'cylinder' so I'm assuming it's a handgun you have. You also risk gas be blown back or outward because of the 22LR round being too small.

I wouldn't be an 'expert' on here if I didn't say....Always consult your firearms manual, it never lies about the proper cartridge for your firearm.

Happy shooting!

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