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I have two of these I bought for my sons when they were young. I would like to give them back to them now that they are grown. one has a broken magazine tube in the stock and I would like to replace it. Do you know where I can find one, or who I can talk to, to find one. I appreciate your consideration and time. Thanks Mike Veselik

I have done some checking on this...I like to have a working .22 auto rifle around, even though it's not legal to hunt with one here in PA...just seems like a good thing.

OK - Norinco parts are near impossible to find, but call SARCO INC to see if they have a mag tube in stock...they had a small lot of these rifles for sale earlier this year, and may still have some parts.  or 1-610-250-3960

NO ONE else that I have checked has any parts for these rifles except for a few odd screws, etc...and I have found that the similar tube mag for the Browning ATD will not fit the NORINCO...The mag for the old Remington Mod 24 MIGHT fit, but I do not know if it will work.   has the Remington mags and a "new model" Browning ATD mag.

Check MARSTAR online in Canada be a source for the tube mag...this seems to be a fairly common problem with all versions of this rifle, no matter who made them.  Link;

Worse case, if NONE are available,  take the broken rifle to a GOOD gunsmith/machinist to either repair the original or fabricate a new piece...I have seen these guns selling for around $300 each recently, so it is certainly worth the money to get it fixed. Many years ago, I had a gunsmith make up a tube mag for an old, odd model Marlin .22 and it took a few days and about $30, but that was long ago...but I think it would be well worth the expense to give matching rifles to your kids.

Good luck with this.

( I have an old, odd model Winchester that was supposed to be a jammer, but with a 15 minute fix is now smooth as was well worth the effort.)


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