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Mark, I have come across a Ruger 38 special with a pull pin cylinder and a 4 inch octagon barrel in fair condition. I am yet to own it but will soon, and I am wondering if it will have any accuracy whatsoever. What year could this gun be, how accurate will it be, and if you would, what is your opinion of its value?

I don't know of ANY Ruger revolver that came with an octagon barrel from the factory, and none with a pull pin cylinder. If that revolver is a single action, there is a loading gate on the right side at the back of the cylinder - you DO pull the pin to remove the cylinder for cleaning. You either have a Ruger with a custom barrel or not a Ruger...Most Rugers in the .38/.357 caliber will be .357 magnums - I don't believe they made many in .38 Spl.

I can't even tell you what make the revolver is without pictures and a serial number, and I can not give you information about how accurate the gun might be even with that...I suggest you look at the Ruger Forum to see if you can find anything similar and get some pics and ask them there...

FWIW, I have had MANY Ruger handguns, auto pistols and rifles over the years - I have 3 Ruger revolvers right now and another on the way.

Good luck. 'mark

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