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I have a 25 auto made by Quality Firearms Inc. and need a complete upper slide for it any help on where to find parts for it

Hi Robert,

Quality Firearms was a small import company that was in business from 1990 to 1992.  The guns they sold were very inexpensive...generally in the $50-$75 range when new.  Spare parts are nonexistent and the guns are nearly impossible to find since they were sold for such a short period of time...

I checked some of the most likely sources of spares and they don't have any for QFI guns.

Honestly, I would suggest that you take the money you would have used for the one you have and repurpose to a decent quality concealed carry gun.  The Ruger LCP or KelTec P-3AT would be much better choices and have a price range of $250-$300.  Both are calibered in .380 ACP which is much more likely to be effective than a .25 caliber would be.

Sorry I can't be of more help...

Best regards,

Doug Little

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