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I was surprised to see the various model #s associated with the Titan 25 Caliber. My Titan shows no model numbers. How do I determine what model it may be?


These pistols were made by Tanfoglio in Italy. They were imported into the US by various companies, and the companies had different model numbers/names for them, such as the Titan, GT 25, etc... They were no longer allowed to be imported after the Gun Control Act of 1968 - they were considered too small and easily concealed, which was really the whole point of the pistol. To get around this, the parts were sent to Florida, and assembled and sold there under the FIE Titan name. They are all pretty much the same pistol, although there may be variations in grips, finish, etc.

Many people mock the little .25 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge and the arms using them, but there are still millions of the small guns in use, and they were very popular back up  or hideout pistols among police officers for a long time.

The Tanfoglio Company is an Italian manufacturer that now is a part of EAA. They have always made a low cost but good quality pistol. The Titan is actually one of the most reliable .25 pistols out there. I know of someone who has carried one every day for over 40 years because it works well. I have owned several of them, and in my experience, they are in the same class as the old Beretta 950 -Single action hammer guns with a good, usable safety that enables the pistol to be carried with a chambered round.

There should be a manufacturer's name and import information stamped on your pistol somewhere...find out what it is called and google it and I am sure you will find specific information on that particular version.

For parts and probably a diagram try Numrich - .

The Titans were all steel, heavy, solid and reliable and generally accurate at suitable ranges.

Here is some general information on them.

It's a good little pistol that has been around for a long time, and probably will be around for a lot longer.

Enjoy it.


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