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hi..i have a valid cw permit and think it would be wise to add a stun gun and mace also. now..i am very confused about what kind of stun gun to get, and same for mace. i see kids on u tube shocking each other with a stun gun, and this only adds to the confusion. first, how do you know a stun gun will actually work and stop an attacker?  second, if you pay for mace, how do you know it will work like its supposed to and you can depend on it? thank you!!

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Well, my take is you might be setting yourself up for more legal issues. The problem with having multiple force options, you force yourself into a position that could get you in legal trouble.

Let's say you have a mace, stun gun, and gun and you try them and they don't work, by the time you abandon them and try to get to your gun, now the bad guy knows and is probably on top of you and may take your gun or prevent you from getting your gun and take your mace and stun gun and use it on you.

The legal issues will be if you have to shoot someone with a gun then you will be required to show why you did not use the mace or stun gun first?  Also with more options, you have to spend time deciding and evaluating which one you should use, which one is best, which one has best chance of working, then which one to use next if the first does not work then why didn't use the other first or if you had all this time to use two other things before the gun you could have left or ran or got away, so the Defense or Prosecuting Attorney will be saying  you wanted to kill him or you would have X Y or Z.  The more you have to decide and think about before acting, in a critical or life threatening situation, causes what is called LAG time, that lag time slows down your response and reaction time to the threat.

The problem with mace or pepper spray is you have to hit a small target, a head, mouth and eyes, if you miss, it is probably to late. The other problem is when you use it it splatters and gets in the air and normally affects you, causing burning, eye sight impairment and breathing issues, so all that now affects you when and if you use your gun.

Stun gun the same thing, if you miss it does not work, most shoot out barbs on wires and both have to hit target, so if one misses it does not work, it takes a while to reload after you shoot so you normally only get one shot. Since most stun guns are close in shape and size of a gun, now you risk the possibility that you grad the wrong gun in the heat of the battle and you shoot when you meant to stun or you stun when you meant to shoot.

More on point of your questions, pepper spray with highest Capsicum is best. Stun gun that works on you best - which means what ever you get, you need to use it on you to see how good it works and so you know how to respond and recover in case it is taken away and used on you.  

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