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In your opinion, if one could completely ignore the cost, indeed would actually want to spend a fair wad to get something exquisite, what would have been the best choice for a sidearm and possibly a secondary backup weapon circa 2007?

I am writing a story with a person being given either one or both as a gift, and would like to get the details right.

The recipient is a young person with a fair amount of personal experience with and knowledge of firearms (both from shooting as a hobby and later from military service) aiming to eventually work for the FBI.

The person giving the gift is a "wealthy godfather" -type of person with no special knowledge of firearms but who can (and has) drawn from the expertise of others.

Thus, the gift is extravagant and expensive and of excellent quality, but also indulgent and not necessarily best value for money and definitely not a bargain (as is often the case with many high end goods). The gift is meant as personal weapon(s) that can be concealed carried, and are both beautiful (in a classy kind of way) and highly functional.

Also, aforementioned recipient of the gift is also in possession of:

a) S&W Model 10 Military & Police revolver which was his deceased father's (a Seattle police officer) service weapon that was issued to him in the early 1970's and was retained by the family after he died,

and eventually

b) Glock 23 (and possibly Glock 26), his own FBI issue service weapon(s) from around 2010. (As I understand the 23 is somewhat easier than the 22 to concealed carry, if one is thus inclined.)

He also is familiar at least with the Beretta M9 from his military service (military intelligence).

Do you find this setup to be broadly believable, and/or is there something that you feel I have gotten wrong or even forgotten? Would he, for instance, have been likely to qualify for some other weapons, too, during his training with either the military or the FBI?

Thank you in advance!


I started a Gun and Tactics youtube channel where I address a lot of gun issues. Here are links:

The more experience people have with guns the more they like and understand that the .45 is the best pistol round out there. The 1911 style is very traditional and carry by most all SWAT or tactical teams.  Most guns come in a full size model and compact and sub compact.  The sub is smallest and easiest to conceal, but holds less rounds, so is concealment more important then having more rounds?

I would say a nice Wilson Combat 1911 .45 is one of the best out there right now, you can customize it with extras and they build them to specifications, you can go to there web site and see them and pick one you like, they run about 4 or 5 grand each.  I compact would my preference but some may like the smaller sub compact ones.  An Ed Brown 1911 is also well known as quality and expensive.  A colt is very traditional and loved by all and probably the most well known.

AS for a back up, I like a small revolver, titanium, very light, no trigger or enclosed trigger so it can be fired in the pocket with no hammer malfunctions. A small 5 shot .357 is very good round, small, light and what you call a "gut gun" for up close and personal, shove it in the neck or belly and squeeze off several rounds will stop most things pretty fast.

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