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Looking for info on a "New York Club", Pat. Apr 14,1891 / The H & D Folsom Arms Co. N.Y. USA  / Crescent Fire Arms Co. Norwich, Conn Manufacturers.  Serial number is 702. It is a 32 caliber rim fire, single shot. Still fires.
It was my great grandfathers would like some info for insurance.

H&D Folsom were wholesalers and importers of mostly shotguns from Belgium and England. They did import some rifles as well, and all their guns were sold under a number of different brand names according to the requests of the seller.

I BELIEVE the gun you have was a Belgian copy of a Remington rifle. They were not common, but there is almost no interest in them as collectables, and they are NOT considered shooters. Value is not really a lot, probably a maximum of $400 if it is in excellent condition.

Here is some general info on the company...

I used to own a Crescent 12 gauge side by side, marked for a big Philadelphia area sporting goods seller around 1900 or so. It was OK, but nothing special as far as quality. They were mostly lower end or field grade guns, although some had "almost famous" brand names...Richards, etc.

I think the value is mostly as a family piece. FWIW, the ammo - .32 RF, is incredibly expensive and VERY collectable, as no one makes it anywhere in the world at this time...there are sites online selling boxes for hundreds of dollars and individual rounds for big money...Don't shoot that ammo - Keep it or sell it.

Enjoy that family treasure as a display piece.


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