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My father-in -law has a 32 long seven shot revolver it is a snub-nose 1-1/2 inch barrel . Marking on the gun are #144721I hope this is the Serial No.  Stamped on the barrel is Made in Germany ( HW3 )is stamped in the frame under the barrel minus the () ok. that is the make and age of this gun. Thank You


Your FIL's revolver is an Arminius HW3, imported by FIE in the 1960-1970's period. The company made some very high quality revolvers in their earlier days, but by the time they made these they were not so good.  In near perfect condition, they would sell retail for maybe $140, but most sell for around $100 or less. MECHANICAL CONDITION is very important with these revolvers - if there is ANY problem with it at all - anything loose or just not working right, I would not shoot it at all. They are not the best made revolvers and they often are found with loose barrels or poor timing, and really, they are NOT worth the money to repair them even if you found someone willing to work on one.

If it IS in good condition and not needing repair, there should not be any problem shooting it with regular .32 S&W Long ammo or the older .32 S&W ammo - DO NOT USE .32 ACP in any revolver - it is far too powerful for their construction and of course do not use any other .32... NO magnums, etc.

Some of the old FIE imports were cheap but usable, some were not the best, and unfortunately, this is one of the not the best category.

Keep it and retire it unless it is in great working condition.

If you want a very good snubby for a good price, get a Charter Arms. ( I have 2 of them and have sold my S&W snubbies since I got the Charters.)

I'm sorry I could not tell you it is a hidden treasure, but it is what it is.

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