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QUESTION: 22 supershot on barrel,,11178 under trigger guard,,iver johnson arms and cycle works on barrel,,,any idea of year and value,,,it has 9 shot cylinder

ANSWER: Hello Denny.
  You have one of the more collectable Iver Johnson Arms & Cycle Works revolvers. IJ began production of the .22 SUPERSHOT in 1928, with the Model 70 (7-shot) and began the production of the Model 90 (9-shot) in 1929. Your serial number of 11178 was manufactured in 1931. There was a total (7-shot along with the 9-shot) of 4,900 manufactured that year. There were only 12,450 of the 9-shot Model 90, manufactured between 1929 and 1941. Most of the other models,.22lr. through .38S&W, each averaged a total production in the 100,000's. This is why I say it is one of the more collectable IJ's ever made. IJ used the same large frame that they used for the .38 S&W caliber, changing only the cylinder, barrel and firing pin. With the 6" barrel, it was, at that time, considered the safest and best balanced revolvers of all their competitors. The Model 90 was superceeded by the Model 833 Supershot Sealed 8 which, in all it's variations combined, numbered in the 100,000's.
  This is a wonderfully fun little handgun. I suggest cleaning it on the exterior only, oil it up good and use it. There are no replacement parts for it, that I know of, so NEVER shoot any super-power, i.e; yellow jacket or mini-mag, cartridges in it. My recommendation is just a simple lead-head .22LR. cartridge.
  Thank you for asking for me, I always enjoy researching Iver Johnson firearms. I have owned many myself. Charles Gage

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QUESTION: any idea of the value,,,also have a 38 s/w 111097 under handle only numbers on it,5 shot opens on top,any info on this,,date and value    thanks

ANSWER: Hello Denny.
  Values on anything, even firearms, are relative. These older revolvers are usually found in the 60-80% condition. Some less, but few more. Fjasted's Blue Book of Gun Values puts a 60% IJ .22 Supershot at $130, with an 80% at $175. Most all other IJ's run around $90 to $120. I need a bit more information on the .38S&W. What are the patent dates and are they on the barrel or butt? I will need these to be exactly as they are stamped. Does it have a hammer, or is it hammerless? Are you sure about the serial number, because the number without a letter pre-fix only goes to 100,000? Charles Gage

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QUESTION: dates are on top of barrel,,,has hammer,,,best i can read of dates are as follow,,,jan 17 and 24 68,,,july 11 66,,,aug 24 69,,,july 25 71,,,,dec 2 79,,,,may 11 and 25 1880    hope this helps   the number i gave you are the only ones on the gun except for the dates

Hello Denny.
  Are you sure the .38S&W is a Iver Johnson? If so, you will need to get a much closer look at the patent dates. IJ did not begin to use the self-contained cartridge until 1871 in .38S&W. If you would include a photo of the left side open, it will also help. Charles Gage

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