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I have a old single shot shotgun with no markings on it besides for the serial number on the right side of it 0781 it has a rabbit ear hammer that strikes a firing pin. it has a 32 in barrel. I believe it to be a 16 ga. It has a spring loaded knob on the left side that u push in to break it over. The barrel is octagon at the breach then quickly goes to smooth bore barrel. I would like to know any and all information about this gun that u could provide. Date, manufacture, value, ect. I got more pics if u need. Thanks

Tim, Thank You for bringing your question to me, Unfortunately, I can not give you the answers you seek.

While I have a few shotguns they are modern guns and old/antique shotguns are not my area of expertise. I will say that you should be very careful if you decide to shoot this gun. I would advise taking the gun to a gun smith and having it inspected before attempting to shoot it. A lot of the old shotguns were designed for using black powder shells and built using inferior steel compared to what is available now. Modern smokeless powder loads used today develop much more pressure. This increased pressure can stress the old guns, cause metal failures and end up with explosions that can cause injury and death to shooters and bystanders.

I wish I could provide you with more information on your gun but the answers you need are beyond my knowledge.

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I started shooting in 1953 when I was 5 years old. My father bought two .22 single shot rifles, mine was a Springfield Model 15 that I still own to this day. Today it would not be tolerated or politically correct, but back then he taught me gun safety and how to shoot by taking me to the town dump where we shot rats. Maybe that is to much information but those are some of my best memories of spending time with my father. I am at my gun club range at least 2 or 3 days a week. I am a certified NRA instructor and I teach both Basic Pistol as well as Home Firearms Safety. I also teach Concealed Carry Classes here in Florida. I have been a squirrel hunter all my life and for the last 4 years I have been active hunting feral hogs in the Everglades. I have been to every Shot Show for the last three years on my media credentials and I have attended the NRA National Convention for the last 2 years. I have my own on-line gun forum called Gun Tips and Talk and I have also served for a number of years as a Moderator or Administrator on the National Gun Forum and the Florida Gun Forum. I do a lot of gun and equipment reviews on-line. I also have my CCR FFL, a personal UPIN number with the Justice Department, and I enjoy shooting my suppressed .22's. As a side hobby I build competition bench rifles for others on the 10/22 platform. There are a number of reports on my "project" guns on my personal website at .

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