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Hi, Im Liz I have a .32 Forehand&Winchester 6 shot revolver. A lot of forums i've seen says it's ok to fire .32 s&w bullets in that true?? If not, i've searched around and found numerous 32 black powder cartridges..what's the difference between ACP 60grain and 115grain?? How do I know which black powder fits right for my gun? Do black powder bullets have the same effect as regular bullets we use today??

Hi, Liz!

Forehand and Wadsworth was the last incarnation of a company that started in the 1840's. They made a LOT of very different revolvers at very different levels of quality and for a long time. I have owned one or two of them over the last 45 years, and they are interesting collectables...but let me get to your questions on ammo...

Without knowing what model F&W you have, a top break or a solid frame pull pin ( I assume that's what it is since you say it's a six shot) - I can't tell you exactly what it was designed to shoot, but I would bet it is for .32 S&W - NOT '32 S&W Long...

BUT..I would not recommend shooting it at all. See below...*

VERY IMPORTANT     The ACP .32 is for auto pistols - Automatic Colt Pistol = ACP - and is far too powerful for that old gun's soft metal. Do not EVER shoot one of these in an revolver at all, especially not one of the very old ones such as yours.

*If it were an old Smith or an Iver Johnson or Harrington & Richardson around 1900 or later, I would not have a problem, but guns like the Forehand and Wadsworth, Allen and Thurber, Allen and Wheelock,  Hopkins and Allen,  Meridan and the MANY other old revolvers they sold under different names should not really be considered usable firearms these days. These guns are going on 120 years old and no one can tell how many times it has been shot, and what has been shot out of it. IF you really want a usable revolver, trade it in as part payment on a Charter Arms.

Here is a history of F&W firearms...

I would NOT shoot it. I would clean it up and either keep it as a collectable or sell it or trade it on a newer revolver, a used S&W or a new Charter Arms.  

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