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I found a small revolver without a manufacturer or identifying numbers. I do have pictures of the gun and the faint symbols on the gun. Can this be identified from these?

This seems to be a pinfire revolver, judging by the ejector rod in the top pic and the way the hammer comes down into a cut out in the top of the cylinder. Pinfire guns were made in Europe - Generally Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. They were used both as military pistols and civilian pistols.

They came into use around the late 1860's and were obsolete by the mid 1970's with the popularity of centerfire cartridges. Yours seems to be a Belgian revolver, judging from the proof mark, although I could easily be wrong about that...

They are collectable and many are still around because they really did not have a long period of use...Here is a collector's page with some examples of various pinfire revolvers. They might give you ideas about further online searches to find the maker and country of origin of your revolver.

It will be an interesting project to find what it might be. Enjoy it...looks to be in decent condition.

ADDED-I did a little more looking around and I told you wrong...the stamp is a "Crown over Crown over U". which is a German proof...your revolver is made in Germany.  

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