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QUESTION: I am looking at buying a sccy 9mm in hot pink for self protection. Is it worth it buy and I have heard that they jam up or are to light in weight. I will say that I am also interested in the gun due to its size since I have small hands and the color(hot pink)! Can u help with my decision on buying my first gun?

ANSWER: SCCY was once called SKYY. They were known as making a sort of variation of the Keltec pistols - they have polymer frames with steel inserts to take the slide and to hang the parts from. They are a bit cheaper to buy than a Keltec.

I have had several Keltec pistols over 20 years, and have 2 right now, and I like them a lot for what they are...very small, easy to conceal for very limited carry use in places where an obvious gun would not be appropriate. I have handled a new Skyy/sccy pistol about a year ago, but never fired one. I have seen them for sale for years online as well.

Since this is your first handgun, I would like to steer you to something else...for a few reasons. The small size is pointless unless you have a license to carry a handgun, and will work against you should you ever need to actually use it in an emergency. I have a link here that does rate irt very low for accuracy, even when shot by a long time shooter who rates pistols is not accurate even at 10 yards, it is hard to grip and the trigger is VERY heavy and there is no fix for is the link...

I highly recommend you look at a Keltec. They make several 9mm pistols that will fit small hands, have been PROVEN reliable and are good shooters, and they are not that much more money to buy...and many are available used.

I know you like the color, but I would NEVER recommend a weapon colored like a Hello Kitty cartoon...IF you ever seriously need it and take it into your hand, people tend to think it is a joke...

I recommend you get some serious training on a handgun and re-think your purpose for getting one. I would really recommend a larger, steel frame pistol, but if you want a smaller poly gun, I do highly recommend a Keltec.

I have NEVER had any problem with any of mine.

I am not trying to discourage you here, but to think through what you really want and what your purpose is to get one...


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QUESTION: Thanks and yeah u made me rethink the color & gun! I just shot my husband's highpoint .40 cal this weekend but it's big and heavy. We are schedule to start a concealed carry class/course after the first of the year. I would like to about good priced guns and if a highpoint 9mm is worth the money! Thank you for your time.


Thanks for the information that you are taking a class and that you did shoot a pistol of similar design. That does help a lot!

There are a lot of 9mm pistols of all sorts around, going back to before WWI. IF you can get to actually handle a few, that is the best way to decide what feels best to you. Remember, it should be big enough that you can see the sights and that it feels comfortable in YOUR hand, since you are the one who will be using it.

Starting with the HiPoint, since you have shot one and you are a little familiar with where everything is on those guns.

They have a reputation for being reliable and for the price it would be hard to beat them. IF possible, find one or more in your area and try it -  just  handle it to see how it feels. I think that is as good a place to start as any.
I have read YEARS of online owners reviews of Hi Point pistols, and talked with a lot of gun shop people and the 2 best cheap pistols I know of are the various Hi Point and Bersa autos. Since you want something in that class, look at those brands.

This link is to an article on various 9mm pistols, including the HiPoint...

The 9mm's that I sometimes carry are very different - a Hi Power and various other former military pistols - but then I'm an old geek who actually mainly carries a .44 Spl revolver...

EVERYTHING other than the Hi Point worth buying will cost you 2 or 3 times more, and the Hi Point is probably a good start....but check the Bersa line as well.

Good luck and enjoy shooting.

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