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Colt photos
Colt photos  
S&W and Webley
S&W and Webley  
I am helping a family friend who is trying to identify and find the value of three handguns she inherited from her father. The first is a S&W LadySmith, possibly the 3rd model. The second is a Webley made approximately 1917. The third appears to be a Colt also built around 1917. The above information was acquired by talking to my local gun shop owner but I would welcome an expert opinion. I can send you more photos if needed. Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Jesse.
  Yes, you have a Smith & Wesson, a Webley, and a Colt 1911. The pictures are good. However, you haven't given me enough information to identify them. What caliber are they? I will need Serial numbers, all exact wording and location where it is found on the firearms. I see there is information on the barrel and bottom of the butt strap of the S&W, but I can't make it out. I cannot see anything on the Webley. If there is a date on the Webley, it is the manufacture date. It will have numbers and stamps all over it. The Colt is not a standard issue, since it has target sights. I will be more than glad to help you identify these, but as I said, I need more information. Please, get back with me on this. Thanks, Charles Gage

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S&W Barrel
S&W Barrel  
Thanks for the quick reply. The S&W is a .22 long. The Webley is a .455 caliber. I am attaching another image of the S&W with the information on the barrel. The Webley has the following above the trigger: "Webley Mark VI Patents 1916". The serial on the Webley appears to be 195762. The serial number on the S&W appears to be 15444. I can find no markings on the colt. I have quite a few pictures but unfortunately, this site limits me to two lo-res photos. Thanks, Jesse

Hello Jesse.
  Thank you for the added information on the two revolvers. your gun shop is very knowledgeable about your firearms. Your Smith & Wesson is a Third Model .22 Hand-ejector manufactured between 1910 and 1921. These were known as the 'Lady Smith', because of the small caliber. An interesting note I found. The original cartridge for this revolver was called the .22 S&W, but it was actually the .22 Long. The Webley is listed as Webley New Model Army, and fired the military .455 Webley cartridge. It was manufactured from 1915 to 1923.If there is no information on the Colt, it is either not a Colt, or it has been completely dressed down (all identifying marks removed). It's design is 1911, and perhaps it was manufactured in 1917. However, it's having target sights, puts it in a separate class than a standard civilian or military model. You might check under the grip panel, but use extreme caution, since the grip material can chip.
  I wish I could help more. Thank you for asking for me. Please rate my answer. Charles Gage  

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