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I have a pistol with octagon barrel that says Union Arms Com. it has a 3 digit serial number. How can I get any info such as date of MFG.

First, I want to tell you you have given me almost NO information...If I told you that I have a green Buick and asked you what you could tell me about it, where would you start...

But in this case, I can give you almost all the information on these percussion revolvers that exists...because there is not much.

They were a low price low quality competitor of Colt percussion revolvers, made by Bacon Arms as a low-end product. They were made around the start of the Civil War and despite the war, the company did not stay in business very long...NO ONE even knows how long they were around for sure. There are few people who actually collect them and they have little value, mostly depending on condition. They are NOT useful as shooters-they were poor revolvers when made, and have many years and miles on them now, and I would NOT recommend loading one, even as a noisemaker.

There are no records of serial numbers...few experts ever agree on how many were made, but it is thought the octagonal barrel versions were made later than the round barrel versions...

Here is a link to most of the information known on these revolvers, along with a few pics :

What you have is an original civil war era revolver that would have been a personal weapon, NOT in military use anywhere. NO ONE has re-produced them, and I imagine there are no parts available. There may be some interest in them but few actual collectors...they are more curiosities. I have NO idea of any value range for them...have not seen one for sale for some years.

If it is a family piece, you are very fortunate to have it and it has high personal value...To me, it would be an interesting piece just because of its age and the period when it was made, and it would be desirable for that purpose...but I would not shoot it ever, and not dry fire it either.

I certainly would clean and oil it sparingly and would not invest money in repairs.

Just enjoy it for what it is.  

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