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I have a remington model 572 22 cal. rifle.  Ive always wanted to put scope on it.  What advice on what type and optics I should get?


There are many choices available in the 22 LR scope selection, your personal budget and rifle usage also come in to play. In general you get the glass that you are willing to pay for. Prices vary greatly as does quality.

To begin with you want the right tool for the job. Restrict your selection to scopes that are designed specifically for "Rim Fire" use. The parallax will be set to shorter distances such as 50 yards vs up to a common 150 yards for standard (Center Fire) rifle scopes.

Most big box stores will have 22 RF scopes available for less than $100 some of which will include rings. Limit your selection to scopes with a one inch tube. I recommend that you select a variable power scope such as a 2x7 or 3x9.

The large manufacturers such as Leupold and Nikon also make high quality glass in their rim fire line but retail prices will be in the $300 range. My personal choice is Leupold however your personal budget and scope requirements may vary.

Thanks for the question.
Sid Lark

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