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QUESTION: hi Mr. Gage
looks like your my last resort. I do not have photo but will explain the best I can. I need two answers please.
first, the bolt is on left side others I have are on right there is a peep hole site mounted on the back and below it on the very end of gun behind bolt action is a screw/round plug/bolt see I am not sure what to call the last piece. when the peep hole comes lose it will get in the way of the bolt action opening does this help. I am trying to do all I can to explain the gun lol there is no model/serial number any where on these guns. can you help
I am hopping the way I explained it will help you answer what model it is. It has a clip I don't have one and cant find one until I have what gun it is like 28A 32C something like that. I have been told that the Mossberg 340 are 350 clip 5 are 7 round will fit. how do I know if I cant get a idea of make and model. I need 5 clips see my father and grandfather were police officers. both lost there life's in the line of duty. I ended up with there 5 22's years back as a kid. I returned after my grandmother passed and I got the guns then. there at my brothers in west palm beach he is a sheriff Captain with palm beach co. I am in san Antonio now. I have looked for 3 years for answers. yes clip are lost.

ANSWER: Hello John.
  You can post a couple pictures on a follow-up. If I can have one close-up of the top receiver and one of the left side, I may be able to help you sooner. Make sure you show the peep sight. Mossberg was big on peep sights on most of their rifles. I will begin with the information you have already given. I know of several sources for magazines and clips. You say 28A or 32C. Does that mean there are numbers on the barrel? If so, they will be on the barrel next to the WARDS WESTERN FIELD logo. Charles Gage

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: there are know # any were on the guns. the 28a and 32c may be the gun style close to looking like it. Mossberg 340 are 350 my be the clip what do you think I will do all I can to get photo.

ANSWER: Hello John.
  You just haven't given me the information I need for a definitive answer. The only left hand rifles I found for Mossberg .22lr are L42A,L43,L45A and L46-ALS. I can suggest that you check This is a Mossberg identification site. When you have decided your model, check, or other gun part sites. I am sorry I can't do more, but thank you for asking for me. Charles Gage

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: there the 42 model any style the clip iterance/facing looks the same. I went to that web site you had listed. look at the 42. please help me cross the clip # and make I need to order now. you have been a blessing and such a great help God bless you... john fogleman

Hello John.
  I cannot guarantee that the clip you need fits both your rifle and the Mossberg. However, the model 42 and 44 use the same one. Here is another email you might check. Ask them if they know if it will cross ref to your rifle. Also ask what their return policy is. You may have to go by trial and error. Charles Gage

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