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i am trying to find a year on my pistol  serial number 3434  owl gun it also has the knuckle grip  or i think thats what it is called

I usually need far more information, but these Iver Johnson knuckle duster revolvers were made for only a short period, between 1906 and 1908. Not really possible to get closer than that.

This is known as the Bourne Knuckle Duster, and it was a means to enhance the shooters' grip and to improve shooting accuracy, NOT as a weapon in itself...

They were 5 shot top break hammer guns, and condition is everything as far as value goes...But even the very good models are not too costly...MAYBE $200, tops. I believe they were made only in IJ's large frame size, and in .32 S&W caliber, which is still made, although pretty expensive.
I am sure they are all suitable for modern smokeless powder ammo, but  to be certain, CAREFULLY* remove the grips and make sure the hammer spring is a coil rather than a flat spring...if it's a flat spring, don't shoot it at all. DO NOT EVER pry those grips off - pull the screw part way out, and use it in the screw hole to lever that grip panel off, then push the other side free. The grips are rubber and are VERY brittle, and if you can find a original to replace a broken one, it will usually cost around $ don't break them!

Iver Johnson was a great innovative company, used first rate machinists and materials, and very advanced designs - they developed and began using the transfer bar safety device - just like Ruger began using in the 1060's - in 1894. The revolvers using this system are safe to carry with all chambers loaded.

There are NO records at all from Iver Johnson's factory or sales due to a huge fire that wiped them all out, but the company lived on until 1993. There is a company now calling itself Iver Johnson, but they have nothing to do with the old company at all...they are importers based in Florida.

If you have pics, please post a few here later. Thanks.

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