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Do you know who made this 1942 German P08 "G" Model Luger or anything about it.

The Luger pistol was the military pistol of several European nations starting in 1901 and was officially replaced by the German military in 1942 by the P 38 Walther. They were being produced in Oberndorf, Germany at that time and made by Mauser.

I can not give you a value for the pistol. They really are a specialty collectable and I have seen several in a local shop just last week ranging in price by a great margin. I can tell you that it all depends...Condition, originality, all that, and more...

Check several online gun sales sites to get some idea of value for your specific pistol, and be aware that a shop will pay 50% or less of what they will sell it for...

Here is some good information on the Luger pistols...

There are MANY collector's sites online for Lugers and you will certainly find an expert on one of them to be of more help.  

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